In the heart of Colombia, a country celebrated for its stunning women and unparalleled aesthetic treatments, stands New Stetic. With a rich heritage spanning over 65 years, our Colombian roots have allowed us to cultivate a global reputation for manufacturing top-tier acrylic products, now embraced in over 60 countries.

Expanding our reach beyond the Colombian borders, New Stetic proudly extends its presence to the United States, specifically in the vibrant state of Florida. From our strategic location, we efficiently distribute our premium acrylic products nationwide. As a key player in the beauty industry, we introduce the Duracryl Nail System, a testament to our commitment to innovation and excellence.

Our proprietary polymers undergo meticulous blending with biocompatible materials, a process meticulously overseen by our proficient scientists and technicians in biomaterial, physicochemical, microbiology, and quality control laboratories. This ensures that our acrylics not only meet but exceed expectations, providing proven stability over time.

The Duracryl Modeling Powders, a product of advanced technology, boast durability, non-yellowing properties, and the perfect consistency for impeccable adhesion, beautifully covering the nail bed. Available in Light Pink, Dark Pink, Clear, and White, these Modeling Powders offer versatility – ready for distribution, repackaging, or as a base for creating your own unique colors.

New Stetic, born in Colombia, thriving globally, and proudly represented in the United States, invites you to experience the excellence of Duracryl Nail System – where beauty meets innovation.