In the heart of Colombia, a country world renowned for both its beautiful women and its incomparable esthetic treatments, lies New Stetic. The company has over 65 years of experience in manufacturing esthetically superior acrylic products that are now in use in over 60 countries around the globe.

New Stetic reacts its own polymers with a rigidly controlled blend of biocompatible materials. Our highly skilled scientists and technicians working in our biomaterial, physicochemical, microbiology and quality control laboratories carry out exhaustive investigation, surveillance and inspection processes to bring to you acrylics with proven stability over time.

We now bring this advanced technology to the beauty industry with the Duracryl Nail System. The resulting Duracryl Modeling Powders are long lasting, non-yellowing and have the ideal consistency to form excellent adhesion to cover the nail bed with beautiful tones.

These Modeling Powders are available in Light Pink, Dark Pink, Clear and White to distribute or to repackage as is or may be used as a base to blend your own unique colors.